Taste and smell has a significant affect on behavior for both people and insects. Flavors and fragrances that are pleasant often create behaviors that are very different than those behaviors associated with disagreeable flavors and odors. Sensorygen™ has commercialized the  discovery of these chemicals that interact with taste and smell so they can be put to use improving lives.


Approximately 1 billion people are at risk of insect bites and transmitted diseases, while 30% of the global agricultural output is destroyed by insects. Altogether this represents nearly a trillion dollars in loss each year. At Sensorygen™ our focus is to use cutting edge research toward finding effective and safe insect repellants. With our technology, we are building on a new generation of broad-spectrum insect repellents for protecting humans, their homes, their pets, stored products and crops.

A common problem inherent in the flavors and fragrances industry is the reliance on antiquated techniques in order to evaluate new odors for use in consumer products and evaluating the character of those odors using subjective descriptions. At Sensorygen™, we eliminate much of the work and cost involved in evaluating small molecules using our highly accurate in silico screening platforms, narrowing down 400,000+ potential odor candidates to hundreds.


Thomas Stone

Thomas Stone


UCSD – Engineering
Three Startups:
Notepad Computing
MP Music Company

Anandasankar Ray, PhD

Anandasankar Ray, PhD

Founder & President

UCR – Associate Professor of Entomology
Center for Disease Vector Research – Director
Olfactor Labs – Founder