Our Story

Founded in 2015 by UC Riverside Molecular, Cell & Systems Biology Professor Dr. Anandasankar Ray, Sensorygen utilizes computational biology and artificial intelligence to discover natural compounds with improved efficacy, safety, and sensorial properties for use in everyday products.

Taste and smell can elicit powerful behaviors in people, animals, and insects.

Artificial Intelligent Design

Sensorygen is disrupting the market with our unique ability to discover highly efficacious, natural replacements for toxic and harsh chemicals in everyday products.

AI Technology for Perfect Solutions

AI technology can search >10 million compounds and >450,000 naturals for perfect solutions. By focusing on a chemical replacement strategy, including natural compounds, Sensorygen’s algorithms rapidly prioritize commercially meaningful molecules.

Using AI to Set Tomorrow's Trends

Our market advantage lies in our digitized models and ultra-high throughput digital screening platforms and product-driven tracks; we have licenses to patents for large sets of natural compounds for numerous human and insect applications. We have worked with some of the best-known companies in consumer products, agriculture, and beverages.

Our advantage is the ability to
reliably predict how each natural chemical
will interact with sensory receptors.

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