a new generation of capabilities

Sensorygen utilizes Artificial Intelligence to discover highly-effective, natural replacements for toxic and harsh chemicals in cosmetics, food, and everyday products.

Our Advantage?

The ability to reliably predict how each natural chemical will interact with sensory receptors.

Insect Solutions


Sensorygen has identified an effective, natural broad-spectrum insect repellent as the replacement for harmful chemicals on the basis of toxicity, cost, and commercial availability.

Consumer Insect Repellents

Agriculture Insect Repellents


Flavors and Fragrances


Sensorygen uses Artificial Intelligence algorithms for molecular discovery in taste and olfaction.

Flavors & Fragrances

Odorant Receptors




Sensorygen uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to identify harmful chemicals.

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Sensorygen is expert in natural compound discovery and has worked with some of the best-known companies in consumer products, agriculture, and beverages.

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