Sensorygen has identified an effective natural broad-spectrum insect repellent as the replacement for harmful chemicals on the basis of toxicity, cost, and commercial availability.

Artificial Intelligence-based computational neurobiology dramatically improves the new compound discovery timeline, which reduces costs to find new active compounds.

This is based on seminal work from Dr. Anand Ray’s laboratory at the University of California, Riverside (UCR) which has received >$2M of funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and is exclusively licensed to Sensorygen.

Sensorygen is committed to creating safe, non-toxic, and highly effective insect solutions. From next-generation consumer mosquito repellents to broad-spectrum agricultural repellents, our products are intelligently designed to be non-damaging, non-toxic, and pleasant to use. 



Consumer Insect Repellents


Sensorygens Natural Mosquito Repellent is AI-designed, all-natural, provides longer protection than synthetic repellents like DEET, and is available in spray, lotion, and other formats. 

  • Higher efficacy than DEET
  • Less toxic than DEET
  • Ingredients found in fruits and mushrooms
  • EPA Registration in progress
  • Pleasant cosmetic characteristics

Beyond Mosquitos, Sensorygen has demonstrated our patented, all-natural repellents to be the most effective repellent against ticks (which transmit Lyme disease) and biting ants. 

Sensorygens Natural Bed Bug Repellent is AI-designed natural and provides the strongest repellency of all tested compounds. 

  • Higher efficacy than DEET
  • Is not a solvent like DEET and does not damage synthetic luggage, polished furniture, or painted baseboards  
  • Ingredients found in fruits
  • Ready for EPA Registration
  • Pleasant smell for room, luggage, or bedpost applications 

The Problems with DEET

Safety Concerns Persist

Damaging to Synthetic Materials

Unpleasant to Use

Agriculture Insect Repellents

Sensorygen has applied its AI-technology platform to discover a powerful broad-spectrum natural insecticide. 

Our Agriculture Repellent has significant advantages over pesticides:

  1. Natural and safe for the environment, workers, and the local population
  2. Insects unlikely to develop resistance to repellents
  3. Repellents do not kill beneficial insects
  4. Easy to scale
  5. Strategic use with pesticides as part of integrated pest management (IPM)
  6. Reduces the use of more toxic pesticides

Sensorygen partners with innovative companies to bring our repellents to market…

Discovery is the engine that drives our product pipeline.